Visual Artist • Artista Visual • Artiste Plasticien • 視覚芸術家 • Alejandro Bugallo

Artist | Designer | Art Director | Crafter | Confectioner 
B U G A (Alejandro Bugallo) is one of three first generation Cuban Americans born in Miami and currently resides in Hollywood Florida. Early and present interests include: Crayons, Atari/Video games, Saturday morning cartoons, street art, fashion, DJ'ing, music, sugar and skulls. He has vivid memories of shuffling through his fathers' vinyl record collection and immediately discovering what each album's artwork represented and sounded like. He learned to perceive art with all of his senses at an early age.
B U G A received a fine arts degree in Visual Arts Communication and makes an honest living today as a designer/art director working with numerous brands and industries. He is constantly challenging himself, building upon his work, honing his craft and evolving his art forms.

Artist Statement 
My art consists of mixing popular culture themes and iconic graphic imagery. I make visual candy, but for your eyes to devour. I design and fuse plastic compositions into mosaic and pixellated, 8-bit influenced art, consisting of thousands of tiny polyethylene pellets. These beaded artworks I have coined as #B3ADWORX serve as the culmination of my experience and education as an exploration in pixellation, patterns and color theories. I use these beads for its simplistic medium, as it reflects my childhood beginnings of fusing my imagination with technology, thus creating complex compositions.
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photo courtesy of Cesar Gomez - Dreamer of Nights
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